His Higher Mind - Ryan David Arthur

March 6, 1977 to December 24, 2013

Static Pictures

At 7 feet tall, I considered Ryan the Friendly Green Giant. That isn’t to say he didn’t scowl — he did. What can anyone expect having to put up with the harshness of Earth’s atmosphere for such a sensitive soul??

I thought Ryan was one of the most handsome men I ever met. I just loved his whole look. So I most definately took a lot of pictures of him.

As time goes on, I’ll share some of our private moments together.

  • Euretta Nyle Roffey

    Here’s “that look”. Ohhhhhhhh those eyes……!!!!!

    • Muffinero

      🙂 He was a beauty. I’ve got a ton of photos to upload. Hope to get the website finished next week.

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