His Higher Mind - Ryan David Arthur

March 6, 1977 to December 24, 2013

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  • Muffinero

    You’ll always be loved, and missed Choco! <3

  • Lisa Briones

    You became part of my family when you and my sister married. You will eternally be my brother from now on. I miss you. I love you. I know you’re in a better place now. Always not far from my thoughts….xo

    • Muffinero

      Your “yo bro” loved you so much. And I agree, he IS in a better place. Thank you for sharing your love for our beloved. xx

  • Dominique (Suzie)

    Ryan, your wife did say you
    were tall, but she is petite, so I figured 5’10. When you walked in
    through my door, you gazed across the top of the cupboards and fridge.
    Imagine my horror that I had cleaned vigorously everywhere but not
    there. LOL. Seriously though, Ryan was a soft gentle soul, quite
    friendly and easy to talk to. You are sadly missed by your wife, family,
    friends and those whose lives you touched, even if ever so briefly. You
    know, you were released on my favourite day of the year, Christmas Eve.
    The day to rejoice in the impending arrival of a new birth. So, spread
    your wings Ryan and fly onwards to your next adventure in a new life.

    • Muffinero

      What beautiful remarks Suzie!

      While Ryan was analytical, he was was non-judgemental. I’m sure he thought nothing of it. hehe… But my own story, related to that… When we first began dating…. Ryan was standing next to the fridge, and I had mentioned I had misplaced my credit cards. He turned to the side and said, “You mean these cards?” as he picked them off the top of the fridge, where I forgot I had placed them. LOL

      I totally fell in love with him, then and there! Ha!

  • Euretta Nyle Roffey

    I am laughing…thank you…..ya….Ryan height seemed so natural after getting to know you…you are the tallest of my friends and I loved your stories of how you “ruled the road ” in crowds and at concerts and movies….god could not have fit all of your amazing attributes and desires for this life into any smaller packaging!!! My condolences to everyone you touched so profoundly.

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