His Higher Mind - Ryan David Arthur

March 6, 1977 to December 24, 2013

Ryan’s Writing

I often encouraged Ryan to write.

And I was blessed to find, today, a piece of Ryan’s writing. So thankful, as I miss his wisdom. He was writing as the character Jeff, as fiction, but this was truly his voice. This is the first time I’ve read this.

ryans higher mind writing

We walk through life looking and seeking that which makes us human. A shadow out of the corner of our vision where reality becomes fantasy and the unawakened mind knows the place it calls home. It is here when we are alone, when we are surrounded by those we love and respect, and when the dream takes us in restful slumber. Although it is easily found within other people, we still walk aimlessly through our lives. Unsure of what the next day will bring we cloak our identity in the shadow of the unknown. It can be come known and sure if we realize that the soul that inhabits us is the inner voice seeking absolution and understanding.

I seek to reach into my higher self and pull out my reality. To turn, to change and to become my own identity he…. (And that’s all he wrote on the paper.) ~ Ryan Arthur – Sun Conjunct Mercury in Pisces. Virgo Moon.

I was a very lucky Girl (my Pisces North Node) to have lived with, worked with, loved, and been loved by this man!


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