His Higher Mind - Ryan David Arthur

March 6, 1977 to December 24, 2013

Ryan Quotes

Ryan was very much about “original thinking” and that’s how we came up with OrangeTHINK.

Original thought is the waterfall of life. Often the reservoir of knowledge is recycled, re-used & re-tweeted as original. -Me (Ryan Arthur)

Ryan’s Poetry


Ryan was a creative writer, at heart. He was also fantastic with technical writer, and at one point I had hoped he might study it, as he was finding computer work increasingly challenging. He found it hard to stick to longer pieces of prose, however, so he did a lot of poetry, instead. I have more pieces of his writing. In time, I will post.

“The Love of my Life We met in a subway station. Our first face-to face meeting. You in the “Girls Kick Ass” outfit ready for anything. Me, trying to look stylish in my leather jacket and black pant. Since then you’ve shown me what style really is and opened me to the possibilities of the future, of self, and our life everlasting. You are my bestest friend, sweetest and smartest companion, and always ready to help out whenever and whenever. Once you said that you feel blessed to have met me? I think and know it is I who is truly Blessed to have met you . xxx Ryan Choco <3″ He then attached this to an Ocean’s Wii game. So heartfelt, and innocent.

Writing is an escape from the blows raining down A pause. Before – after; during? Journeying down the page, the cursor moves forward Words left in its wake, the only memory of the tirade When glimmer of light has faded, darkness takes its queue Shadow’s placement of unwelcome guests Outwardly questing, moving with sudden speed and nimble grace Thoughts turn inward, guarding mind assaulted from all sides. Tears of lead are difficult to hold; gravity’s incessant pursuit. Inexorably relentless they fall Caressing the skin on their laborious adventure Emotions are released and healing continues unabated once more. Headphones block the reasonable voice; music sutures the wound

Vulnerable, to the core, I display
Words escaped, whispered emotion
Stamped out repeatedly each way
Why do I have this failing notion?

Troubled hand on the heart
Slows it down for a start
Rise and fall, balloons of air
Tears slam the floor as nostrils flare.

Night heaves to and fro,
Witnessed by the Moons soft glow
I sail through unkindly waters
The world is full of trusting plotters.

Dawn cuts through the murky gloom
While darkness seeps from my room.
Thoughts are racing, and lips are tight
Another day, hard won this night.


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