His Higher Mind - Ryan David Arthur

March 6, 1977 to December 24, 2013

Ryan Sightings & Visits

And so it BEGINS… The dead come back to their Earth home, on and near the anniversary of their release…

December 8, 2014


Went out to the elevator of our building, saw a man waiting for it. Wasn’t sure if I knew him or not. He pointed back to my apartment and asked if my husband was there. I told him he passed away last December. He didn’t seem shocked or anything or offer condolences. Then he said about two weeks ago he saw something that looked like Ryan and he asked the guy if he lived in this building but he said no. I told him he hasn’t lived here since summer of 2012. And not too many men are seven feet tall. We then got on the elevator, and I noticed he was wearing an Indian beaded necklace. I asked if he was first nations, or native. He said, yes. From get this, New Brunswick and he’s part Mi’maq. And he just found the necklace in the laundry room (he was on his way back to the laundry room). We talked a little bit about spirits. His wife passed away last year. And he said something about he was told he would meet a young girl (referring to me). I was a little spooked. I never recall seeing that guy before, and yet he apparently lives on the same floor as me. Ryan is very active on planet Earth right now. He passed on December 24th, 2013. Oh, and another story. My sister Lisa messaged me the other day saying she saw someone who reminded her of Ryan, and she began painting with orange and green — his two favorite colors. And she told me she missed him. He was her “yo bro”. I’ve been seeing Ryan’s all over the place too lately…

Also, I was checking to see if any of my old cell phones worked, so I could send one to my mom as a “camera” and I found some interesting text messages from Ryan on them.

Here’s one…. He randomly texted me this:

August 29, 2013

Char Margolis is on breakfast television talking about intuitive classes she is doing. She is psychic. She is from Michigan. LOL She is a medium and doing a medium reading. Trying to do a reading. Very general read. I see an m m m… is your husband advancing his career? Yes. We really don’t die we cross over to another dimension.

This was a random text at around 7am. It was totally out of the blue. We used to joke about mediums faking. So that’s why he’s poking here, and of course he knew I would get what he was talking about. And I think Ryan has come back home (Earth) — this dimension to re-connect with friends and family so don’t be surprised if Ryan is on your mind or if you thought you saw him,  or if someone oddly mentions him.

These links have interesting information about life after death / life after death.

December 6, 2014

ryan arthur coke bottle

JUST had an interesting experience. Went down to the store, to look for a coke bottle with the names on it (see previous Ryan coke post) and on the way back ran into a man I bump into all the time (he’s a Sag, but the first time I met him he told me he was a Pisces)… He said, “I remember you” and I’m like, “Yeah, I’m the Leo — you’re the Sag” but then he said, “I’ve seen you with the tall man”… and I’m like… a) I never remember seeing this man with Ryan, and b) I have talked with this man many times over the past year and he never mentioned Ryan before. and c) Ryan passed away last year…

I told him that Ryan past away last December. He said, “What from”… I said, “Apparently heart related”. He got all freaky. He then told me that he just got back from the hospital to check for blockages of the heart… that he had radioactive iodine put in and while the doctor said there isn’t much to worry about right now, the Sag wasn’t so sure. He said he was under a lot of stress. and felt like he could die tomorrow.

I talked to him a little about my philosophy… he said, “do you like Sci-fi”… lol… I said yes…and thought, “oh he’s a skeptic and making a joke about my philosophy being sci-fi fantasy… lol… but I’ll tell him anyway… I told him that I thought this is a prison planet and when our time is up, it’s up and we’re in hell right now and heaven awaits so just ease into it… It’s not really a bad thing for us… for those we leave behind, yes… but not for us… all our pain should melt away… I told him what I thought Ryan might say, because he was so good at calming nerves and accepting what was to come. And he was into speculative fiction.

And the Sag told me that he has cured problems before with laughter… after reading Catch 22, apparently…

And then he got all freaky and said, “You’re not an angel of death, are you”? And I said, “No, I’m an angel of life” and I was just joking about that, of course… I wanted him to feel better… And he gave me a hug. Was he trying to pass over his death to me? Yikes!

And then he thanked me for being there, and said that I was an angel (I mean, not being sweet but a real angel) and it was serendipity that we met tonight and that I SAVED him… partly because I reminded him HOW to cure himself. Huh… And this, after I did some unsuccessful meditative work about my health. Hmmm… Can’t make this stuff up, but it did take a bit to write out.

The Big Man (Ryan) is definately in the house.

December 2015

I was cycling around Sherbourne and Bloor, and suddenly I saw this man walk towards me. Same height, size, and walking cadence as Ryan. I couldn’t believe it. He was sweating a bit, in the way Ryan sweat. A worried look. I honestly thought Ryan still might be alive, so I followed him to his car and I really wanted to approach him, but thought it might be too weird. I took a picture, to show a friend, because I couldn’t believe it. But we decided although it was a doppleganger, it wasn’t Ryan. A close model. A hello from the other side.


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