12717200_10153775363511418_4607740302197498246_nRyan influenced and inspired the majority of my artwork, while I was with him; however, these specifically represent him or were created with him. The last few years together, were incredibly stressful for me/us/him. We had moved into a new place in very late 2008, Ryan wasn’t working as much and communicating less, and we didn’t know what was wrong with him (now, I know). So most of my artwork, is with him, without a beard. There are a few more that I haven’t uploaded yet, that are of his face, only. Hopefully I will get that done shortly. There is still so much more to upload, including his own drawings (and one he did of me. hehe). In my own artwork, I like to attempt different styles, and medium. I like experimenting. The blue and yellow one is a combination of pencil, and Photoshop. Ryan and I drew this one together. His signature can be found lower left. The green one is him, as a computer head, wearing a circuit board shirt. hehe… The one of him, as cowboy, is our real height difference, with me as the arrow, and heart on-top – igniting his own heart center (red badge). Ryan had a huge love of in line roller skating, and he loved orange (and green – his True Colors). This drawing I did, has a child like vibe to it. Ryan’s energy often reminded me of an innocent child’s. It’s not very often that one can come across such innocence, though he was easily influenced by others, and that could add some strange elements to his character from one day, to the next. The red and cream one, was one I did after we got engaged. There’s an “M” for marriage and the two of us coming together, in love. There’s also some poetry he wrote for me. I think this site is just going to be a work-in-progress, over the years. As memories erupt, and I find things of his. He was a huge part of my life, and he will never be forgotten. I still dream of him. And we still have spiritual chats, now and then. He taught me so much in life, but unfortunately so much more in death. I don’t think there is anyone else on the planet, that I’ll ever meet, that will be like Ryan. A total original. I once thanked his parents, for having him. I absolutely meant it. But he was an ultra sensitive Pisces, a star child, that just couldn’t handle the stresses and stains of planet Earth. He truly is in a better place. We / I am the one’s that suffer, without his physical presence.

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